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Design System

This product is a decorative wall and ceiling panels are stylish and versatile. Designed to create the look and feel of marble, wood and stone making this a stunning alternative to paint, wallpaper, tiles and other wall covering systems. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, from traditional to the more contemporary, there is a design for almost any room in the home.

Simple to Install
It can be installed in about half the time required for tiling and can even
be fitted over existing tiles. If the walls are clean, dry and flat then little preparation is necessary before the panels are fixed into place.
As a bonus there is no grout to keep clean.

Using this fantastic upvc wall covering system has many advantages over conventional methods of decorating such as tiles, paint or wallpaper. It is quick to install and easy to clean. It also provides some insulation to the room and so helps to reduce condensation.

Wet walls
Further more it can be used in all wet areas. The panels are waterproof and ideal for use in showers, wet rooms and as splash guards. They are an excellent alternative to traditional materials as they are maintenance free and easy to clean




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